About Me

My name is Mel and I am a 22 year old Christian. I am somewhat of a loner and spend a lot of time at home with my family or sitting in a quiet corner of the house or yard reading a novel. Jane Austen is my favourite author along with Charles Dickens, Elizabeth Gaskell, Thomas Hardy, Henry James, Louisa May Alcott and The Bronte’s. I also adore Christian novels especially those written by Janette Oke, Lauraine Snelling,Tracie Peterson and Karen Witemeyer. And my favourite Tv series is Robin Hood (BBC).
I am currently studying at university, which is extremely stressful and hard which is why I created this blog. It's my little escape...my blog will most likely consist of many random topics and thoughts (I have a lot of them), images, reviews, videos and anything else I can think of :)

Thank you so much for spending your precious time reading this and I hope that you enjoy my blog
Mel xx