Robin Hood (BBC)

Robin Hood Season Reviews:

Season 1

"The series begins with the return of Robin of Locksley (Jonas Armstrong) and his faithful servent Much (Sam Troughton) from the crusades in the Holy Land. Expecting to return to his lands just as he had left it, Robin approches Locksley with a joyous heart only to find his lands and all that of Nottingham are now under the rule of an evil new Sheriff of Nottingham (Keith Allen). Seeing the injustices of his people Robin refuses to do the Sheriff's bidding and is stripped of his title and lands and chooses to live in the forest as an outlaw..." read more here

Character Profiles:

Robin of Locksley

"Jonas' Robin Hood is a modernised version of the classic legendary character. He is a thrill seeker, who is not afraid of danger, or to fight for what he believes in. A natural leader, people are inspired by his actions and will follow him to the ends of the earth. He is a bold and charismatic character who is perhaps a little bit too arrogant for his own good. He is well renown for his usage of a bow and is also well skilled in the arts of the sword, and training in the King's guard has made him a tough adversary..." read more here

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The Costumes of Lady Marian:

A look into the costumes of Lady Marian. Focusing firstly on those worn in Season One (Season Two and Three will be posted some time in the future).

Series 1 Part 1

In this post we look at the first 8 outfits Marian wears- from Episodes 1 through 3.

Series 1 Part 2

This post looks at 5 of Marian's costumes - from Episodes 4 through 6.

Series 1 Part 3

This post looks at 2 of Marians outfits as well as detailing the repeat outfits from Episodes 7 through 12.

Series 1 Part 4

This is the last post for the Season One detailing Marian's outfits. It looks at Marians wedding dress, and is rather a special (and long) post looking at each item and the symbolism.

Random Posts about the series:

Robin Hood BBC: A Confession

"...So I have a confession to make in regards to this TV series- When watching the series, lately I have been skipping scenes- well to be more precise I have been fast-forwarding every scene apart from the ones that have, oh my this is a little embarrassing -..."