Saturday, 30 April 2011

Entering a course of serious study...

Just a quick post to say, unfortunately due to my university commitments, during the next 4-5 days I most likely wont be posting anything new. I have two major assignments and a test early next week, so in the words of Marianne Dashwood:

"I have formed my plan, and am determined enter on a course of serious study".
Too bad my 'study' is much more boring than I ever imagined Marianne's to be. I will however, still be logging on here during those 5 days (what do you expect there is no way I could last even 1 day without you guys!) so any questions and comments you leave I will read and answer :)

Sorry the promised movie review (The Count of Monte Cristo) still isn't up, I just havent had the time and I don't want to rush through it because I was such an amazing movie. It will definitely be the next post after my break :)
On a another note I am very excited because I have a weekly feature in the works, which I cant wait to tell you all about- after my 'serious study' period. One clue though is that is has a lot to do with Jane Austen :)

Have a wonderful weekend and Thank you as always for reading my blog!

Love Tristans_Isolde xx   

ps. Did you catch the Royal Wedding? It was so beautiful and Kate's dress sure was gorgeous wasn't it! I just loved the lace sleeves :)

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