Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Book Review; A Lady of Hidden Intent

Title: A Lady of Hidden Intent

Author: Tracie Peterson

Series: Ladies of Liberty

Catherine Newbury is a beautiful young woman, her life has revolved around hosting ball's and being admired by swarms of suitors. That is until one night when her world comes crashing down and her beloved father is falsely accused and imprisoned and she is forced to leave England for America that very night.
Catherine embarks on a new life with a new identity as a seamstress and her designs become sought after by all of Philidelphia. But with this success comes a reminder of her past when Carter Danby accompanies his mother and sister to a design consultation. Will Carter recognise Catherine fromthe time they met in England? Will he reveal her identity and jeopardize everything she has worked so hard for? 

I really enjoyed this book, Tracie Peterson is a fantastic author and really knows how to keep the reader's attention. Her detailed descriptions of the fashion of the time were simply lovely! After reading this book I now really want to go to a masquerade party/ ball!

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