Saturday, 14 May 2011

Villains we sympathise with (Part 4)- Final

This small series has been so fun to research and write, it has been quite interesting to look at these villains who in many cases were the almost-hero of the story. Very often we can see how events and the choices of these villains have led to their demise and if only they had chosen to do the right thing, or fix their mistakes and mend their ways their lives could have been very different.
I hope you have also enjoyed these posts and that although we don't condone the actions of many of these villains we appreciate what these characters add to the story/movie and in sympathising with them we also learn from the errors they made.

Here is the final list of villains which will be represented in the poll.

- John Willoughby
- Carver Doone
- Henry Crawford
- Mr Preston
- Guy of Gisbourne
- Mr Elliot
- Mr Elton
- John Thorpe

And just to throw a female villain (I supose you call that a villainess) in the mix, I have decided to add:

Lady Catherine de Bourgh

Lady Catherine is a villainess in Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice. She is a Lady of wealth and title and the controlling Queen of her relm. She is the aunt of the one-and-only Fitzwilliam Darcy and has her heart on a union of marriage between he and her own daughter.  Lady Catherine tries to frighten Elizabeth Bennet with her force, when she learns of  the possible engagement of Darcy and Elizabeth. She shows her true colours as a snob and tyrant and gives Elizabeth Bennet a run for her money, so to speak when it comes to being strong-willed. In the end, as we all know Lady Catherine looses - her strong words are to no avail, and in the end all she did was bring Darcy and Elizabeth closer together.

 And to make it an even ten I have decided to add:

Morris Townsend
Morris Towsend is from Henry James' novel Washington Square and is a great villain. He is a young man who has in a matter of a few years has blown his entire fortune. Morris sets his sights on Catherine Sloper a young woman of fortune and intends to marry her until her father informs him that he will disinherit his daughter if Morris marries her. Morris leaves Catherine (who by now is in love with him) and runs away subjecting her to her tyranical father. Morris returns upon Catherine's father's death some 20 years later only to be rejected.

Thank you everyone for your suggestions and comments, unfortunately I wasn't able to include all the villains, in particular the ones I didn't know all that much about, due to time restraints and numbers. But Thank you and I will definitely look into featuring them in another post at some other stage :)


Jemimah C. said...

The villain I sympathize most is John Willoughby. He could have ended happily with Marianne Dashwood but due to wring choices, he didn't. If he made a lot of right choices, he wouldn't have ended up how he did in the end.

Tristans_Isolde said...

I am glad that I am not the only one who feels sorry for Willoughby :) I know he did bad things and all but everytime I watch or read S&S I always wish he changes and ends up being with Marianne. I think they go well together :)