Sunday, 15 July 2012

When Calls the Heart: Update and Video

I've been a little slow on reporting the news that has been flooding in of late concerning these films. You will all know by now how keenly I have been following the production of this film due to my love for the book series. So it will not surprise you in the least if I tell you I am fairly much about to burst as I write this blog post. But I'll try to repress these feelings of mine and get straight to updating you all with the new information.

I was too excited not to include an edit using a few caps
I took from the video.
IMDb Site
This site appeared briefly when the films were first announced and then as swiftly as it arrived it vanished again. The site has, in recent history, been once again 'put up'. Despite it's rather empty appearance, this is a great sign that things are moving forward in terms of a release date- which according to the site is 2012.
When Calls the Heart Facebook Page
The film now officially has a facebook page! The page lists the film as a Hallmark Channel original film, so as most of us already deduced it will be airing first on the channel similarly to the beloved 'Love Comes Softly' series.There is no still no news of an actual release/air date on the page (or on the Hallmark Channel site for that matter) but the page has commented that in will be:
 'Coming in late spring or early summer, 2013, on the Hallmark Channel'. 

Another interesting comment made on the page gives us a little hope in terms of future sequels:
The first book will serve as the jumping off point for the series. Lord-willing, the other books in the series will foliow as sequel movies once the series has run its course. 

Now for the most exciting news, the above Facebook page has uploaded a video...YES A VIDEO. The caption boasts: "When Calls the Heart" appetizer from the first stage of filming? This is never before seen footage, so enjoy! The video itself runs for about 2 and a half minutes and...gahhh I want to tell to you all about it, but I'll let you all run off and watch it yourselves here

God Bless you all, 

Mel xx


Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! Thanks for sharing this news dear! I really enjoyed the video, several moments had me beaming (like when Wynn smiles!). Elizabeth sure does get into a load of trouble - this will be highly entertaining! :)
Now I simply must obtain a copy of the book and read it myself before the film comes out!

Mel said...

Thank you my dear!
Oh how I wish I lived nearer to you! I'd bring my copy of the book over right away (and I'd bake you cupcakes).
I couldn't help swooning at the Wynn scenes in that video! I've been quite smitten with Stephen Amell (who plays Wynn) for a while now after seeing him act in another series, and despise not physically measuring up to my mental image of book Wynn, I cannot think of Wynn as anyone but him now :)

Pink Panther said...

No. Way. There making this into a series?!?! AHHHHHHHH!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I awarded you on my blog!

Miss Hatcher said...

Hey, Mel! I've awarded your blog here:

Interesting. I've never heard of this movie yet, but it sure sounds good! I'll have to look into it ;)