Saturday, 26 March 2011

Love Begins (TV 2011)

Here is some exciting news I stumbled upon a little while ago, a new TV movie is in post-production by Janette Oke. The movie follows her Love Comes Softly series and comes before the TV movie Love's Resounding Courage which was released last year (2010).  For those (like me who haven't seen the 2010 installment) the storyline takes place before the Clark and Marty relationship and focuses on Clarks life before that, with his wife Ellen.

Here is a snipet of both movies from the Hallmark Channel Press Release:

I can't wait to see both of these which are both said to be airing on Hallmark channel just as the Love Comes Softly series was before it.
LOVE’S RESOUNDING COURAGE In the second prequel to “Love Comes Softly,” the highly rated series of “Loves” movies from Hallmark Channel,” when Clark’s beloved wife, Ellen, dies from scarlet fever, he and his daughter, Missy, must find a way to survive this hardship while also saving the barren land from drought.  With love and support from family and friends, Clark and Missy endure.  Larry Levinson is the executive producer for Larry Levinson Productions.

LOVE BEGINS is the prequel to “Love Comes Softly,” the first in a series of highly-rated “Loves” movies from Hallmark Channel.  It is the story of Clark Davis falling in love with his first wife, Ellen.  Clark and his best friend are passing through Trinity on their way to collect their fortune of gold in the West.   Working on a run-down farm, Clark meets the sassy Ellen and her sister.  Their father has recently passed away and the farm is too much for the two of them.  Clark slowly begins to fall in love with Ellen.  He eventually gives up his dream of going to California and settles down with Ellen on the farm.  Larry Levinson is the executive producer for Larry Levinson Productions.

If anyone has seen Love's Resounding Courage, please let me know I would love to hear what you thought about it. Unfortunatley a lot of movies are slow at being released here in Australia :(


Miss Laurie said...

I really enjoyed this series of movies but I hadn't heard about these new films. Thanks for this info they sound interesting!

~Miss Laurie
Old-Fashioned Charm

Tristans_Isolde said...

Miss Laurie,

No Problem at all, I enjoyed the series also! although I had to stop screaming at the TV saying 'That didn't happen in the book' with the first movies :)

Thanks for following me,

God Bless,