Sunday, 13 March 2011

Wives and Daughters

Molly Gibson (Justine Waddell) and Roger Hamely
(Anthony Howell)
I just finished watching, for about the millionth time, the 1999 BBC TV-miniseries Wives and Daughters. It is a wonderful adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell's novel, by the same name and I highly recomend it. It follows the life of Molly Gibson as her father remarries and has to try to adapt and cope with the many changes in her life.    
The storyline is so beautiful and it is so easy to fall in love with the characters that as soon as the credits finish you sit there wishing there was more. It is a great series for those who believe in second chances.

When re-watching this series, I was struck by how wonderful Elizabeth Gaskell's villians are, but in the same breath you can never hate them because they are portrayed in such a way that you begin to understand how they became that way.

If you have watched this miniseries or have read the book, please let me know your thoughts 

The Costumes are also extremely beautiful in this series unfortunately I cant say the same about some of the hairstyles

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