Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Happy Birthday; James Franco

A little belated but just a quick post to say 'Happy Birthday' to one of my all-time favourite actors- the talented James Franco. James was born April 19, 1978, Palo Alto, California. He is known particularly for his portrayal of Harry Osborn in The Spiderman series, Tristan of Aragon in Tristan & Isolde and more recently for his Oscar nominated performance as Aron Ralston in 127 Hours.

I first saw James in the 2001 TV Movie; James Dean, where his eerie portrayal of the Hollywood legend left me wondering if indeed they do have more incommon than just a first name. I also thought his performance in Tristan & Isolde was wonderful and i also enjoyed a rather unknown film he starred in called Flyboys.

Also if you are a Nicholas Sparks fan, be sure to what out for James' role in Nights in Rodanthe, it's excellent!

So Happy Birthday James!

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