Monday, 11 April 2011

Video clip; 'It's Not Over'

Here is another of the video clips I have made, this one is to the song 'It's Not Over' by Daughtry. I love this song because it inspires me to never give up, I hope you like it.

I really enjoy making these but sometimes I run dry on ideas so if you have an ideas, a song, a theme for the clips of even if you would like to see a particular movie/scene in a clip- I would appreciate your input :)

Have a great day,

Tristans_Isolde xx

UPDATE: 12/04/2011
Just in case you were curious as to what movies the clips are from I have listed them in the order the appear, If you have any questions though please feel free to ask , I am more than happy to help :)

-August Rush (2007)
-Lorna Doone (TV 2000)
-Becoming Jane (2007)
-North & South (TV mini-series 2004)
-A Walk to Remember (2002)
- Robin Hood (BBC TV series)
-Pride and Prejudice (2005)
-Bright Star (2009)
-Lost in Austen (TV mini-series 2008)
-Emma (TV mini-series 2009)
-The Notebook (2004)
-Gone with the Wind (1939)
-August Rush (2007)

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