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Movie Review: The Abduction Club (2002)

Title: The Abduction Club (2002)

Director:  Stefan Schwartz

Starring: Alice Evans, Sophia Myles, Matthew Rhys & Daniel Lapaine

My Rating: 10/10

"I pity those who have not looked upon your face. How barren their dreams must be."
 - James Strang (The Abduction Club)


"A fast and furious period romp, The Abduction Club is inspired by a series of real events that took place in Ireland during the late 1700's. With wealth and title destined to go to their elder brothers, the younger sons of wealthy Irish families resorted to abducting young society ladies in an attempt to secure their financial futures. When Byrne and Strang , two handsome and dashing abductors in their mid-twenties, target the feisty Kennedy sisters, they bite off a little more than they can chew!"

My Opinion:

This film is a period drama fan's dream! It has action, adventure, romance, a little comedy, exquisite costumes, dashing gentlemen, feisty young ladies, gorgeous scenery and a Irish-styled soundtrack.

The Abduction Club is a beautiful and relatively unknown period piece, based on true events. It revolves around an abduction club which is a secret society comprising of the younger sons of wealthy Irish families. At this period of time it was law that the estate and inheritance past in all entirety to the eldest son- leaving the younger virtually sons penniless. These young men, in most cases had but two choices- the priesthood or marry a heiress. The Abduction Club was formed in order to help these men literally abduct heiress' and charm them into marrying them. Before the abduction took place the man would meet the lady at various social events (balls, races etc) and engage her in conversation so that by the time they abducted her she was already half in love with them ( say the men).
This concept is very interesting- which is what lead me to viewing this film in the first place. Why would these young ladies of fortune and consequence want to marry these scoundrels? Well, many found that the action of 'abducting' was romantic. At first I thought that was a little sketchy but after watching this film, I must admit if I lived in Ireland in 1780 I would have thought it very romantic too. 

This film is beautiful, it is well structured and presented. The actors were all so well suited to the characters they portrayed. Sophia Myles gave a great performance as Anne Kennedy, she was independent, funny but still extremely cute. Liam Cunnigham was the perfect villain, he gave Mr. Power so much authority and...evilness. The chemistry between the characters was something that really stands out, I particularly enjoyed the scenes between Anne (Sophia Myles) and Strang (Matthew Rhys).

The scenery is absolutely captivating which brings me to Ireland- if you love the Ireland you simply must see this film, the cinematography is beautiful. Some of my favourite scenes are those when the main characters are riding on horses across countryside, its breathtaking.

I absolutely adore this film (it is one of my very favourites) and  I really can't say one negative thing about this it, it is a little predictable as times but I think that is part of the reason I love it. I would recommend this film to anyone and everyone I know. I literally begged my Mother and Sister to watch it and although I don't think they thought much of it at first, they both love the film now!

If you would like to know more about this film you can head over to my "Abduction Club Blog", this week we are having a special week to celebrate the 9th anniversary of the release of the film. You are most welcome to check it out!

Much Love,

Mel xx

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