Friday, 15 July 2011

Harry Lloyd joins Great Expectations (TV Series 2012)

Okay so I'm about a week or so behind on this news but I just found this out and of course I had to post about it right away because I love Harry and Great Expectations.

Next year is the bicentenary of Charles Dickens’ birth and it seem many will be celebrating, book lovers all over the world will pull out their dusty and well worn copies of The Adventures of Oliver Twist and David Copperfield in honour of the famous author. While others will get together, drink tea and enjoy watching Little Dorrit or Our Mutual Friend or perhaps one of the two new screen adaptations of Great Expectations.
Yes, 2012 will see that we all get quite a heavy dose of this Dickens novel as both a film and a TV Series are in production. Personally I am/have been looking forward to the TV Series in particular as it is to be a BBC production and will be much longer than the movie (In general I find that series' tend to be closer to the novel as they have more time to fit the story in). However for those of you who are familiar with the story, you will probably understand why I am excited at the prospect of seeing Helena Bonham Carter portraying Miss Havisham in the film version.

Anyway, back on topic- Harry has been cast in the role of Herbert Pocket. For those of you who can't exactly remember or don't know who that is- Herbert is Pip's best friend, they first meet as young boys and Herbert challenges Pip to a fight. As young men they meet again and share an apartment together in London. I only remember this rather vague information about Herbert so I think I will have to re-read the novel to see what I think of Harry playing this character :)

In any case I think Charles Dicken's would be happy (and very proud) that his great-great-great-grandson is acting in a TV adaptation of his novel.

The Great Expectations TV Series is set to air this Christmas on BBC One.

I hope you all are having/have a great day :)

Love Mel xx


Jemimah C. said...

I can hardly wait to see this new version on Great Expectations!

Elizabeth said...

Cool!! I have always wanted to see what else Harry had done, but I didn't know if it would interest me. This does!! :)

Mel said...

Jemimah: Me too!

Elizabeth: I agree, I haven't seen him in anything other than Robin Hood and in interviews and such- so I am really excited for this. Although I will be running down to grab a copy of Jane Eyre 2011 the moment it is released here- I can't wait to see Harry in it too