Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Robin Hood BBC: A Confession

I am so glad that I am doing this post series of Robin Hood (BBC TV-series) because it means I can get away with this particular post without sounding too...fan girl-ish :)

So I have a confession to make in regards to this TV series- When watching the series, lately I have been skipping scenes- well to be more precise I have been fast-forwarding every scene apart from the ones that have, oh my this is a little embarrassing - Will Scarlett (Harry Lloyd) in them.

Okay, so this isn't too bad right? WRONG! *cries* I am in the middle of writing up character profiles for this blog, how can I write about Much or Marian or even Robin when all I am watching is Will.

Let me show you an example:

Character profile: Marian

Marian is beautiful, independant and intelligent. Intelligent? She wasn't Intelligent! If she was she would have fallen in love with Will- obviously he is the nicest, kindest, handsomest guy on the show. Seriously going for Robin over Will shows her lack of Intelligence. Of course I love Will and Djaq and I would never really want Marian and Will to be together, but COME ON... who chooses Robin when there is Will Scarlett!

See what I mean- Okay I will try again.

Character profile: Allan A Dale

Allan is -Arghh it was his fault that WILL GOT PUNCHED BY ROBIN! It was all his fault and then there was that time he persuaded Will...Ohh no Allan is a bad example to use in this case, I better stop here I will give away too many spoilers, resisting the urge to continue with rant...yep better stop...now!

I suppose you get the point now, so I will leave it at that.

Well I am sorry if this post was boring, I know this was quite a silly rant but I just couldn't help myself. I'd love to know that I am not completely crazy though, so if you also skip entire scenes in some movies or tv shows,  just so you can see your favourite characters or scenes, I love to know. Hopefully I'm not as crazy as I feel :)

Much Love,

Mel xx

ps. I realise it might seem I don't like Marian or Allan- I actually love them both! My brain was just overcome with Will Scarlett/Harry Lloyd disease :)

pps. I LOVE Harry Lloyd...Love, Love, Love...sorry :) fan girl moment well and truly over :)


OldFashionedCharm said...

Hee hee, your rant is too funny! I do rant on certain things. I even started a reading/watching journal to use when I really need to be silly or rant about a book or movie on somewhere other than my blogs. And I certainly do fast forward through to my favorite parts or TV show reruns and movies. For a while I was just fascinated with the dances in Jane Austen films. Or there's always scenes I just love playing over and over again (especially if they star one of my favorite actors)!

~Miss Laurie

Elizabeth said...

hehe! Your feelings about Will are very similar to mine with Guy. :) I love Will he is so sweet, and talented!

Why did Marian go for Robin? He was not very romantic at all! Guy on the other hand was very romantic! :) Marian and Will..I had not really thought about that. That would have been interesting! I do agree he is much better than Robin!

I like Allan granted he is not a model character, but he is quite funny! He is my sisters favorite character so I hear a lot about him! :)

I have really enjoyed your humors take on the characters. I might fast forward if I could through the boring parts, but we watch it instantly through Netflix which is really hard to fast forward! Sorry that this is so long! But I love this show!! :)

Mel said...

Miss Laurie: I am so glad I am not the only one! And what a great idea- having a journal for your rants! Oh, and I too love the dancing scenes, I must confess the ones in P&P 2005 and Becoming Jane were great favourites of mine at one stage :)

Elizabeth: I LOVE long comments :) especially about this series! I am so glad that I finally know someone who I can talk to about this show!
I really wanted Guy and Marian to be together, I think he loved her more than Robin, he was also heaps better than Robin :)
Ohhh and Guy was romantic wasn't he. Poor thing he just made some bad choices.

Guy really is an almost-hero. I imagine considering his past with Robin, and all that happened when they were younger, it could have easily been Guy who became the 'good guy' not Robin. Well I like to think so anyway. Robin was a terrible little kid - I can understand why Guy grew up not liking him.

Mel xx

hellokitty said...

I have never watched the movie, but i think i already like Will, he is soooooooooooo Good looking!!! hahaha Your post made me laugh and think of other movies where i wish the couples that did get together didnt!! and yeah i have to admit that i do skip to scenes where Liam Hemsworth is in~the Last Song haha or Mr collins~Pride and Prejudice ;]
Hello Kitty

Mel said...

hellokitty: Will is SO handsome isn't he! I'm glad it made you laugh- hopefully not AT me though :)
Hahaha you skip to scenes of Mr Collins! Hmmm why does that not surprise me HelloKitty :) If I didn't know you I would think that you were quite out of your mind heheh

Mel xx

The Mad Elvish Poet said...

I love this series! I also love Will. But I loved him before I saw the series. I feel rather torn, because I feel as though it would be disloyal to *my* Will (I'm remaking the Robin Hood story - 'sawesome) to like this Will, but I can't help it, he's so amazing. *dodges rotten tomatoes thrown by a very angry Robin, and supplied by a rather amused Will*

AnnaKate said...

Will is a darling. =) I loved him from the beginning of my Robin infatuation, when I read the book(s)... now I love him more than ever!