Thursday, 14 July 2011

A tag post

I really love reading these tag posts! I think they are a great way for me to learn about the authors of my favourite blogs and fun way for me to share a bit about myself. Thank you Jemimah at Beautiful Blank Pages for tagging me in this tag post!

Are you hot/warm/cold right now? Where are you?
Freezing, its the middle of winter here so its extremely cold. I am at home sitting beside my little dog- he's all curled up and sleeping :)

Upload a picture of the wallpaper you are using.
What an unusal question- I love it!  At the moment it is James Dean & Natalie Wood.

When was the last time you ate chicken?
Chicken? Well I'm a vegetarian. So I don't eat chicken and the last time I ate it would have been quite a while ago :)

What song or songs have you listened to recently?
I'm actually really liking Joe Jonas song "See No More". But in general I have been listening to The Fray non-stop, I honestly don't think a day goes by without me listening to them :) But right now I am listening to the musical stylings of the one and only...Toby Mac! Toby is a legend :)

Do you have any nicknames? If so what are they?
Hmm, I have quite a few but most of them I don't really like (I do like Missie, although not many people call me by that name). I generally stick with Mel (my name as you know is Melissa) but to be honest Mel is kind of a masculine nickname - so really I don't even like it all that much.

 I would love to see your answers to these questions, so if you feel like participating I tag you :) If you happen to have already posted this tag or a similar one, post the link below I really would love to read it :)

My love to you all,

Mel (see its very masculine haha) xx


Jemimah C. said...

Thank you for replying back to this tag! 'Twas fun reading your answers.

Oh, right! It's winter in Australia now (and that's where you live, am I correct?). I haven't listened to that much music by The Fray and TobyMac, but I've heard they're great artists. Mel doesn't sound masculine, at least to me. But I like how Missie sounds, too. :)

Rebekah said...

You have a very cool blog. I like it!

Mel said...

Jemimah: No problem, I really enjoyed doing it!
And yes I do live in Australia, I think that is so cool that you remembered :)

Rebekah: Thank you so much. It's so nice to get positive feedback :)

Mel xx

Melody said...


I never like it when people call me Mel (although they generally don't). It's usually short for Melissa anyhow, and that's not my name. (Or Melvin! ha ha!)

I thought you might like to know that I'm reading Northanger Abbey, and having a great time. Well, you might not care, but I'm telling you anyways. Tehehe....

Mel said...

Ahaha Melvin!

And of course I happy to know that your reading Northanger! And never think I would not care to hear anything you say :)

I am so excited that your finally reading it! Have you fallen in love with Henry Tilney yet?


Melody said...

Ohh! Mr. Tilney! I'm well on my way. He's such an interesting hero! I remember thinking, in the first few chapters after Catherine met him, that I was just as anxious to see him again as she was!
He has some great quotes.

Oh, the whole book has some great quotes. I wrote down 5 just from the first chapter!

Mel said...

Yay! I am so glad! I love Henry's quotes too, he is so funny :)

Will you be posting about the book once you have finished, like the ones you have done for Emma, Mansfield Park etc?

Melody said...

I really like the narration in Northanger Abbey. It makes me sort of glad I've read the other JA books first, because now I'm used to her humor, so I can understand the irony. :)
The quote that your blog begins with, is one of my favorites.

Yes, I will. Although I'm starting Persuasion posts next week, and I'll have to finish those before I start NA.

You live in Australia?! I just saw that. I've been there twice, because my sister and her family used to live there. :) It's funny, the first time I ever went on an airplane was a very long flight! ;-) I thought 'twas fun, though.

Mel said...

I love that quote, it my favourite, thats why I called my blog after it :)

I am so glad that you are going to do posts for Northanger, ohh and I look forward to the Persuasion ones too!

Yes, I live in Australia :) I have never really thought about it but I supose most people on here who blog live in America- well that I have come across I think.

You have been to Australia! thats so awesome! I would like to travel someday. I desperatly want to go to Ireland and to Bath in England and maybe to America too :)

Melody said...

I'm glad you're looking forward to them!

The author of The Jane Austen Handbook's favorite JA book is Northanger Abbey. She has a website called 'Tilneys and trap-doors', which I never really understood, except that I knew from 'Tilney' it must have something to do with NA. Well, as I was reading the book, I came across that, and it made me laugh.
And furthermore, she wrote a sequel to NA called "There Must Be Murder", and that one I really didn't understand...and then Henry said that in the book, and that made me laugh, too. After that discover, I recalled that under the title of the book sometimes it says "A very nice story", and that I ESPECIALLY didn't understand, but when I remembered earlier in the conversation, about the word "nice" was fun. =D

My brother-in-law is Australian (which explains my sister having lived there), and when he comes here (he actually lives here now) people like hearing him talk. Ha.

Kangaroos hopping around across the street was a bit of a novelty, as well as grocery stores in shopping malls! I wasn't very fond of the magpies trying to swoop us, though...and the ants are meaner there! And no use of pennies (1 cent pieces)! That was rather odd to me.

I want to go to Ireland and it would be so fun to go to England and see all the JA places of interest! Also I would like to go to Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Oh my. Sorry for rattling on. And sorry if some of that didn't make sense!

Mel said...

Ohh please don't apologise for rattling on, I enjoyed reading what you had to say :)

Hmm I will have to check out that website and book. I had never heard of them before :O

Haha people like to hear him talk- thats funny, i guess we do have rather a peculiar accent. Whenever I watch an American made film and there is an Aussie on their I'm like "What kind of fake accent is that!" and then I find out its Australian and i realise we do speak so differently.

I hate Magpies! We have a family of three lurking in our front yard its horrible, and i am terrified of birds (well really of anything animal that flies- I am deathly afraid of Moths and Butterflies!)...but the ants aren't so bad, then again im not sure what they are like where you live :)

What do you mean grocery stores in shopping malls- isn't that normal? Goodness me! How strange :)

Ohhh Prince Edward Island- how lovely! I only know of it from Anne of Green Gables and it looks gorgeous!