Saturday, 27 August 2011

And so I tripped and BROKE my laptop...

Well in the time it takes to say "Hello Henry Tilney", my dog jumped from my arms- sent me off balance and crashing into my laptop on the floor *cries*! So my poor laptop, at present, is well...dead. Although I am still hoping to fix it, is it going to take a while. So I spent the larger part of the past few days in tears (or on the verge of) because as you know without a laptop it is the end of the world- yes I tend to over dramatize sometimes. Anyway I am smiling much more today as I was blessed with a new desktop computer, so things are going to be just fine (and now I can post and comment again).

I would just ask that you all would be patient with me for now, as I am in the process of recovering my work. Unfortunately I admit I am working on getting the majority of my uni work up-to-date, before catching up on the lost blog posts but I hope to have Part 2 of The Book Bash Tag up, hopefully today or early tomorrow.


Mel xx


Melody said...

Dogs. Ugh.

Haha :P

Sorry about that! :(

Jemimah C. said...

Ooh, that sounds terrible. Hopefully, your laptop can still be fixed. But I'm glad you have a new desktop.

Miss Laurie said...

This post made me smile even though it's quite awful that your laptop broke! I love the saying "Hello Henry Tlney" and I'm definitely going to be using it in future! :)

~Miss Laurie