Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Harry Lloyd cast in "Closer to the Moon" 2013

I am always quite excited when I hear my favourite actors picking up roles but none more so than Harry Lloyd.

Deadline Magazine released the exclusive news on August 31st that Harry had been cast in the lead role in the period drama Closer to the Moon. He will be starring alongside the likes of Vera Farmiga and Mark Strong. The film, set in Bucharest 1959, follows a group of anti-Nazi revolutionaries as they rob a bank under the pretense of shooting a film. They are subsequently arrested and sentenced to death but not before being forced to reenact the robbery for a propaganda film.

It sounds like quite an interesting storyline however, naturally I wont be deciding on whether or not I will watch this film until further plot and rating information is known, so at present I am just reporting this information rather than promoting it (if you understand what I mean). Anyway with the film set for release in 2013 we still have a while to wait.

Thankfully for all us Harry fans out there we still have much to look forward to in the nearer future with many countries still awaiting the DVD release of  Jane Eyre (in which he plays Richard Mason) and his upcoming roles in The Iron Lady (as the young Denis Thatcher) and BBC One's Great Expectations (as Herbert Pocket).
Mel xx


Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

This is very good news! I still haven't had a very good opportunity to see him act. His role in Jane Eyre 2011 was painfully small, if you blink you miss him! I'm quite looking forward to Great Expectations.

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Don't mean to comment so much but I was just checking out the cast list for Great Expectations and I didn't know my favorite David Suchet was going to be in this adaptation! And Gillian Anderson as Miss Haversham! Now I can't wait to see this film! :)

Elizabeth said...

Oh, how very exciting! I will keep an eye our for this, it sounds interesting, but I agree. I won't watch this until I see more information.

Mel said...

Miss Laurie:
I love comments so don't ever worry about commenting too much :) His role in Jane Eyre was very tiny (but as I tell my sister it was the defining performance of the film haha okay maybe not).

That is awesome that one of your favourite actors is in Great Expectations. I don't believe I have seen David Suchet in anything before, but I look forward to seeing his performance along with Gillian Anderson's. However unfortunately for her- her role is a little overshadowed with Helena Bonham Carter starring as Miss Havisham in the film version which is also being released next year. I really hope that she surprises everyone with her performance.

It is so exciting- finally Harry is getting more roles. When I find out more information (ratings etc.) I will be sure to post about it and let you know.