Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Update: Closer to the Moon (2013)

Big news for Robin Hood (BBC) fans with two actors from the series lined up to appear in the period drama Closer to the Moon. The news was released at the end of August that British actor Harry Lloyd had won the lead role, and now his Robin Hood co-star Joe Armstrong is named to play the character of Razvan.  

Harry and Joe starred together in the first two season's of Robin Hood as Will Scarlett and Allan A Dale respectively.

read more information about Closer to the Moon here


Miss Laurie said...

That's exciting news! Looks like this film is accumulating a pretty interesting cast!
I was watching an Inspector Lynley mystery the other day and I saw Joe Armstrong and it struck me at the time that he looked a lot like Period Drama star Alun Armstrong, especially about the nose. When I looked him up on IMDb and discovered that Joe is Alun Armstrong's son it all made sense! :) I feel like I'm really missing out by not watching Robin Hood, there's so many great actors in that TV series!

Mel said...

Wow, you learn something new everyday! I knew that Joe's father was an actor but wow I didn't put two-and-two together, and now that I think about it they do look extremely similar! Thank you for sharing that!
And Robin Hood really does have some great actors in it, I hope that one day you may have the chance of seeing it :)