Saturday, 29 September 2012

Book Review: A Promise to Believe In.

Image Credit: Bethany House

Title: A Promise to Believe in

Author: Tracie Peterson

My Rating: 4.5/5

The Gallatin sisters have only just started to settle in to Gallatin House when tragedy strikes the family, again. With death seeming to follow the sisters everywhere they go, the eldest of the three sisters, Gwen is sure that she is cursed.
All alone and still in mourning, Gwen and her sisters, Beth and Lacy band together and work hard to manage their family's roadhouse. But with the next stagecoach arrival comes more heartache for Gwen when a stranger alights with a revelation which threatens to unravel past secrets. Hurt and humiliated Gwen begins to question whether those closest to her would be better off living away from her, posing the ultimate question can she move past the lies or will she continue to allow it to determine her future?

My thoughts:
I snapped up the three books in this series on a whim after finding them on (super) sale, not having heard of the series I bought them purely because I have nothing but the best to say for author Tracie Peterson- and she did not let me down! This book is filled with unique and loveable characters, humour, adventure and romance all woven together with a subtle yet beautiful message.
All of the three Gallatin sisters are charming individuals who united together are a most formidable force. The younger sister's (Beth and Lacy's) antics make for some amusing reading and the minor characters are quick to steal your heart. And I cannot help but hope to see them feature as major characters in the next two books of the series.  

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