Thursday, 27 September 2012

Gown of Spanish Lace Movie Update

*Just as I stated a few days ago on my latest When Calls the Heart postFrom now on I won't be posting any general updates about this film (Gown of Spanish Lace), as a new post but instead will be just updating this post. It's getting a little tedious re-writing and flipping back to my other posts on the same subject, plus this way we can keep all the new info in one tidy place. So keep checking this post for news on this film- any new information will be added to the top of this post with: UPDATE (DD/MM/YYYY). 

Just my own fan-made edit for 'Gown of Spanish Lace'
to brighten this post up :) (Edit: Pictures are not from the film )

Janette Oke's A Gown of Spanish Lace follows the journey of a young school teacher, Ariana who is abducted and held prisoner by a group of outlaws. Her presence in the camp of desperadoes creates quite a stir- and none more so than in the life of the outlaw boss' son, Laramie, who is charged with her care.  (For more information on the book you can check out my review here)

A Gown of Spanish Lace has been one of my favourite novels for quite a number of years now. I read it for the first time when I had just come through a particularly dark time in my life and reading this novel really helped me through it all. So if I seem over enthusiastic about the storyline, the characters and the upcoming movie you must understand that Ariana and Laramie have been some my closest friends in the most trying of times.  

Moving on (I can almost hear you saying 'Just get to the part about the movie already') I wrote a post previously explaining that A Gown of Spanish Lace was listed as an upcoming project on Michael Landon Jr's website (who many of you may know from his success with the various film adaptations of Janette Oke's Love Comes Softly series) I also noted in this post that this film was not confirmed. Now I can quite happily tell you that it's not just a rumor and that after a little searching I found a comment from Brian Bird (screenwriter and producer) below one of his posts to prove it:  
"As for “Gown of Spanish Lace,” stay tuned for more news — a screenplay is in the works"
and a few days or so ago I noticed a another comment on the Facebook page for When Calls the Heart (Janette Oke's other novel which is been adapted to screen) in response to a fan:

            "A script has been written for Gown of Spanish Lace... a film is in the planning stages."

Aren't we all excited!? I have to stop myself from breaking into some cheesy dance every time I think about it (hehe). With the news and updates looking to be far and few between as the film is still in early planning, I encourage you all if you haven't read the novel (or if its been a while) to grab a copy and give it a read. I'd love to hear what you thought of it, and i'd especially love to know which actors/actresses you'd dream cast for the various roles (and perhaps sometime in the future I can make a separate post detailing this).  

God Bless,

Mel xx

Note: All mentions of the film refer to it as 'Gown of Spanish Lace', omitting the 'A' included in the book title. I missed this tiny piece of information last time I wrote on this topic.


Melody said...

I hope it does some sort of justice to the story! :) What are the pictures you have there? Are they from the actual movie? Dream cast... haha, at this point I don't remember very many of the characters. Although Amelia Warner might have made a good Ariana back in Lorna Doone Days. ;) In looks, at least, since she's not American. Heh.

Grace said...

I would really like to watch this movie when it comes out. I first read the book years ago, but I don't remember a lot about it. I might reread it again.

Thanks for letting us know about this!


Mel said...

Hi Dearie :)
Amelia would have been great if she were younger (plus she is not really acting these days but rather focusing on her music- which is beautiful btw) But yes back in her Lorna days would have been a great choice.

As to the pictures I have used, they are in no way from the film. It hasn't been filmed or cast yet. It's still in the very early planning stages. I just created that edit using a few pictures I found that I thought fit the theme and style of the book. If you look closely you might realise some many of them are just screencaps from the various Love Comes Softly series films and I used another from the film Tuck Everlasting :)

I really hope this new adaptation does justice to the story too! I have a lot of hope for it though because it is relatively short novel and I think the story-line is one that can be easily transitioned to a screenplay without deferring too far from the original concept and themes (or taking too much away from the characters). I think, though the films success will very much ride on who they cast. <3

Mel said...

Grace: Thank you for your comment! And no problem, I'm really glad there are a few of us who are excited to see this movie when it comes out :)

Mel xx

Gracie said...

I. Can't. Wait!! To see this movie! No, I've never read the book (something I should probably do), but I would love to see this become a movie! Yay! I'm so excited! I love films like this!

Natalie Monk said...

So VERY excited!!! My favorite book of hers! Can't wait! Thanks for sharing.