Friday, 15 April 2011

As You Wish...

Unfortunately I have been a little under the weather lately, and have spent a lot of time in bed  thankfully I have had my favourite books and movies to keep me company. One film in particular that I watched during that time was "The Princess Bride" I absolutley adore this movie (and always have). I have notice however that it it my 'sick-day movie', because everytime I feel unwell I end up watching it, which I thought a little strange. This then led me to think about the other movies I watch, and whether or not I tend to watch them more if I am feeling a particular mood or feeling. On further investigation this is what I found:

What I watch when I'm feeling;

Anxious- Becoming Jane or Little Women
Blah -Wives & Daughters or The Notebook
BoredPride & Prejudice (1995)
Depressed - North & South
Emotional - The Titanic or North & South
Happy -Abduction Club or The Sound of Music
Hopeless -Amazing Grace
Irritated- Flyboys or Robin Hood (BBC)
Restless - Lost in Austen or Giant
Sad - Tristan & Isolde
Sick- The Princess Bride
Stressed- Gone with the Wind or Persuasion

What about you? Do you watch certain movies when your feeling a particular way?

Much Love,
Tristans_Isolde xx

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