Friday, 8 April 2011

Book Review; The Measure of a Heart

Title: The Measure of a Heart
Author: Janette Oke
Series: Women of the West (book 6)
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
“Anna Trent felt fortunate to finish the eighth grade with first-class honors. Already past her sixteenth birthday, most of the girls her age had been forced long ago to drop out to help at home. She loved school loved to learn, loved the excitement of new discoveries, loved the quickening of her pulse as she shared some great adventure in the pages of a book. And now that is over.
The oldest child in a farming family with six young brothers, Anna is shy, sensitive and a bit self-conscious. But when Austin Barker comes to their church to fill the pastorate for the summer months, the young seminarian is captured by Anna's admirable qualities, especially her intense desire to learn. Through his books and correspondence, Anna's education continues to expand, and the sweet country girl grows into a lovely woman.
When they meet again, will she be able to believe that Austin's words are sincere? Despite the compassion and grace she so effectively lives, and despite her selfless commitment to God and His Word, what can she do when time does not erase the inadequacy she feels or her struggles with the standard that measures her heart? Will she ever be able to see herself as others do?
If only the feelings of guilt and inadequacy would go away-”
I really loved this book and it was so easy to identify with the insecurities and self conscious nature of Anna, especially when it came to topics of faith. Anna to me portrayed everything that a true Christian is and should be without being distant and self righteous. As the story progress and Anna’s faith grew and was tested so was mine.  I am always really challenged by Janette’s books but this one in particular really helped me to see myself as God sees me, not as the inadequate, ugly, second-rate person I feel that I am.
Before I read this book I was feeling very inadequate to serve the Lord, in the sense of ministering in their lives. And Anna’s journey through the book really helped me with this.
 I just wanted to share one of the pastor Austin Barker’s lines from the book that I thought was really nice:

“It all depends on the Lord. It has all along. My inadequacies, my lack of talent, of wisdom, that is no matter to the Lord. Scripture says the He can use the weak, the small, the inadequate. Me
Have you read this book? What did you think about it?
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