Saturday, 21 May 2011

A random post about an awesome band

Okay so I am going to take a little side-step from the usual period drama/Jane Austen things I post and tell you about a most awesome band that I am loving at the moment.

The band is called New Empire and they are from Sydney, Australia.  The band consists of three members at present; Jeremy Fowler, Pete Gillies and Kale Kneale all of which are commited christians and this is reflected in the lyrics of their songs.
New Empire has already achieved some great things, their first album Come With Me Tonight was released in 2008 and their second due is out in August this year (2011). If the single Here In Your Eyes which they released earlier this year in March from their new album is anything to go by this next album is going to be awesome!
Oh and not to mention they were an opening headliner in 2009 for Relient K!

I have seen this band live twice now, and they are so inspiring and uplifting and although my all-time favourite band is The Fray (and that won't be changing anytime soon) New Empire is definitely becoming a fast favourite of mine!

You can check out their websites here: Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, YouTube  and you can buy their songs from iTunes.

Although I love many of their songs (including Hero, Summer Sky & Take Me Back)My favourite song of theirs at the moment its called Here In Your Eyes.
I encourage you to check out this song and video on YouTube here
Have you heard of New Empire before? What are your favourite bands?

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Jemimah C. said...

I've never heard of New Empire before. I should check out come of their songs.