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Robin Hood BBC: The costumes of Lady Marian Series 1 Part 1

Considering I had so much fun with the Robin Hood review (which you can find here) I've decided to do some more posts on the series. The first series of posts are looking at the costumes of Lady Marian in Series One, some of them are just so beautiful. I hope you enjoy it :)

Episode One- Will You Tolerate This?

 Costume #1- The first time we are introduced to the character of Marian she is wearing the this costume to the left. It is an orange/red colour and has a beautiful corset-type vest. My favourite part about this costume is the detailing on the cuffs of the sleaves and around the neckline, I think it really adds to the dress.
Costume #2- I am not particularly fond of this costume (right), for the obvious placement of the tassels (would you call them tassels?) anyway I don't like them. But I love the colouring and style, the slate green/blue colour of the dress is so pretty especially with the offset of the orange/red of the detailing.
Costume #3- This costume is one of my favourites. Although it can be better seen in the picture below (with cape) the detailing at the neckline is absolutely gorgeous. The sleeves of the dress are so beautiful in the way that they widen and fall at mid arm. The belt is also a great addition.

Costume #3 - With Cape
The last scene we see Lady Marian in Episode 1 she is wearing the same dress as described above however she is also wearing a beautiful cape over the top of it.

Episode Two- Sheriff Got Your Tongue?

Costume #4- At first in Episode 2 Marian is again wearing Costume #1 however in the next scene she is shown wearing the costume to the left. By now the audience can see a continuing theme, with Marians costumes. I personally like this costume better than Costume #1 because I love the detailing, especially on the cuffs of the sleeves and around the front of the dress. I think the way that the detailing on the front is designed in such a way that it appears to go around the dress neckline, almost like a enormous necklace is gorgeous!

Costume #2-With Cape. Here Marian wears the same dress she wore in episode 1 (Costume #2) but this time with the cape she wore with Costume #3. In these scenes/pictures we can see the cape a lot better and particuarly the beautiful brooch type thing which is holding the cape together.

Episode Three- Who Shot the Sheriff?

Costume 5 -Episode 3 gives Marian a little more diversity when it comes to her costumes, this first one we see her in is in relatively the same style as her other ones, it is very similar in colouring to Costume #2, just a little bit lighter and without the red/orange colouring. alike many of the other dresses it has significant detailing epseically on the front and around the neckline. However unlike the other costumes this one has an extra layer, which stops 3/4 of the way down the dress, as can be seen in the full length picture, which is quite flattering.

Costume #6 - This costume I think is very different to all the others. It appears to be separated into a more modern two pieces rather that the traditional one piece style dresses she has been seen previously in. Im not not that crazy about the style I just don't think its really all that nice, but I do like the colour combinations -even though it seems to me an odd choice particularly for the time period.

Costume #7-  I find myself often referring to this dress as the army-dress. Although this isn't one of my favourites, its really growing on me! The style is once again similar to her other dresses but
less feminine and colourful than most of them. I imagine this dress would be something Lady Marian may have worn in the forest if she were part of Robin's gang, that is if it wasn't for the fact that dresses are impractical wardrobe choice for an outlaw.

Costume #8- Marians 'The Nightwatchman' outfit. This is definitely a favourite of mine, but not simply because I think it looks really cool but because I love what it stands for. And how by putting on this outfit, Marian is essentially assuming a new identity and able to do her bit for the poor and fight against injustice. That aside I love the cape, its so long and looks great and the leather top is so...Guy of Gisborne :)
I hope you enjoyed looking at Lady Marian's costumes from the first 3 episodes of Series One. I will have Part 2 up sometime soon :)

Of the outfits I have listed which are your favourites?
When watching a movie or a TV series do you often take note of what the character's are wearing?


Jemimah C. said...

I love looking at costumes from movies or a TV series. Lady Marian's costumes are quite nice! I like her dresses and the capes. However, costume #6 and #7 seem a bit modern. I guess it's just not what I'd expect someone out of a Robin Hood story to wear.

I'm awaiting Part 2 of this!

Tristans_Isolde said...

I absolutely agree, costume #6 and #7 are very modern looking- they are nice but they don't seem to fit the time period.
I am so glad that you are awaiting Part 2 :)

Tristans_Isolde said...
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