Friday, 3 June 2011

A Book Blessing

Today I stopped in at our local Op shop (which you may know as an Opportunity or Thrift shop). As most of my readers would know books are one of my most favourite things in the world. I have 3 bookselves and two large containers full of books in my room, not to mention the 2 large piles on my bedroom floor. And yes, this annoys my parents very much :) When I own my own house I am determined to have a library where the walls of the room are entirely bookshelves and there is a ladder which rolls right across the shelves (just like in Beauty and the Beast!)
Anyway back to my story, I don't often find many christian novels at the Op Shop's I have been to but today I was blessed, because in the second-hand book section were 6 novels all of which I did not own. They were all extremely cheap and in almost brand new condition. I was/am so excited I just had to tell all my blogger friends  about my wonderful find :)

The novels I bought are: Where My Heart Belongs by Tracie Peterson, Sanctuary by David and Beverly Lewis and the four books in Janette Oke's Prarie Legacy Series, The Tender Years, A Searching Heart, A Quite Strength and Like Gold Refined.  Many years ago I read the Prarie Legacy Series, and for those of you who are fan's of Janette other series: The Love Comes Softly Series you may be interested to know that the The Prarie Legacy Series continues the story of Marty and Clark as it follows the life of their grandaughter, Virginia Simpson.

I am really looking forward to, at some time in the furture, reviewing these titles on this blog :)

I wonder, have you read any of these novels? or have you heard of any of these authors?

Much Love,

Tristans_Isolde xx

p.s. This is my 50th post- how cool is that! 


Jemimah C. said...

Wow! You must have lots of books to have lots of bookshelves (plus the containers and the piles of books)! Having a Beauty and the Beast kind of library would be so nice! I want one, too.

I'm glad you found some great and cheap books at the store. My mom and my older sisters collect Beverly Lewis and Janette Oke books. I haven't tried reading them yet but I plan to.

Tristans_Isolde said...

Jemimah, I do have lot of books :) I just can't seem to throw or give away any of them. I collect Janette Oke books too! Thanks to the 4 I picked up today I almost have every title she has published I just need a few more in the "Women of the West" series. I've only ever read one Beverly Lewis book but I remember it was really good!
I hope you get a chance to read some Janette Oke books, she really is a great author :)