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Robin Hood BBC: The Costumes of Lady Marian Series 1 Part 2

Here is Part 2 (Part 1 can be found here) of Lady Marian's costumes from Series One of the BBC TV Series Robin Hood. I have not included pictures for all of the costumes Marian is seen wearing in these episodes but rather only included images of the new costumes, those which did not appear in the first three episodes.

Episode Four- Parent Hood

Costume #9- This is another costume which I think fits the time period perfectly but is more something I would see her wearing if she was Marian the outlaw of Sherwood Forrest not Lady Marian of Knighton Hall. I love how the sleeves are tied onto the shoulders of the dress.

Costume # 10- Without giving too much away this outfit is not exactly one of Marian's choice. In this scene Marian is being made an example of by the Sheriff and the costume I believe rather mirrors that. It is old, almost worn out material and as you can see in the picture the neckline is hacked as if to suggest this costume is more suited to a slave or prisoner. Obviously it is not a favourite of mine but I think that the costume speaks for itself in this scene and has a very important role in helping the viewer understand the gravity of the situation Marian is in.

Besides these two costumes Marian, during this epsiode is also seen wearing Costume #6, the yellowish coloured two piece outfit seen in Episode 3. 

Episode Five- Turk Flu

Costume # 11- Another costume I do not particuarly like, I assume from the scene that this costume is sort of like a nightgown as Marian throws this on when she recieves a surprise visit from Guy of Gisbourne.
I can't quite work out what I don't like about it but for some reason I feel maybe that is doesn't look all that complete/finished. If that makes any sense.

The only other costume apart from the one above that we see in this episode is Costume #3-with cape, which is the beautiful white belted dress we see in Episode One with the lovely tan coloured cape.

Episode Six- The Taxman Cometh

Costume #12- I love this costume. The colouring, style, everything is exquisite! What I love the most about this costume is the bead work around the neckline...isn't it beautiful, I just love beads on costumes. I think the colouring of this dress is perfect for Marian (Lucy Griffiths) it really suits her and I think it make alot of difference, when the colours suit the actor.

Costume #13- This is another costume I think is perhaps a little too modern for the time period but I do love it. If you look closely the dress appears to be exactly the same as Costume #12 (it even has the belt) without the beaded, stripy layer over the arms and around the front of the neckline and instead has a lovely cartigan over the top. My favourite part about this costume is the cartigan, although modern it is so pretty and something I would definitely wear :)

And once again in this episode we see Marian wearing the modern looking yellowish two-piece outfit that she wore in Episode three.

What are your thoughts on these costumes? Are there any Tv/Movie characters whom you admire their dress sense or costumes? If so who are they?

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Elizabeth said...

I like seeing your opinions on her costumes! It seemed to me that the first few episodes she wore more correct with the time period, and as the show progress they go more modern looking.