Friday, 12 August 2011

A random post about Jane Eyre 2011

Yesterday was the 11th of August, a date that in previous years signified nothing in particular. It was just one of those days which passed by as many do with little remembrance or consequence. However August 11, 2011 was an entirely different matter altogether! Here in Australia it was the day that Jane Eyre (2011) was to hit cinemas.
I was very blessed in the fact that, last night- on the very day it opened I was able to see the film! But not before dropping numerous hints throughout the day about my desire to see it :)
Richard Mason (Harry Lloyd) being carried by
Mr. Rochester (Michael Fassbender)
I must confess however, that the driving motivation for seeing this film was all because of an actor. This film was to be the first time I would see Harry Lloyd act in something other than Robin Hood (BBC TV Series), so I was quite excited.  In the theatre I waited, rather impatiently for his a his character to emerge, and when he finally made his appearance I must admit that a rather girlish squeal tried to escape which thankfully was suppressed as I firmly nudged my sister in the seat next to me and whispered
                          "It's Harry!"
And of course I must say that the few (extremely short) scenes in which he was in were the best in the entire film- yes, perhaps I am biased but it's okay I can admit it.

The movie itself I thought had its ups-and-downs but in general I really enjoyed it (but I will write about that another time).

Unfortunately I could not find one picture of Harry in the film to add to this post. I did however find a fan video with a small clip- of which I took a screencap of and added it above, sorry for the poor quality. But in the film I thought he looked quite handsome and his hair was gorgeous.

Have you ever seen a movie simply because you liked the actors?

Much love,

Mel xx

PS. Are there any Harry Lloyd fans out there that were outraged at the Jane's lack of care when tending to his injuries? She hardly helped him at all, instead she chose to snoop around the room.


OldFashionedCharm said...

I've watched many things simply because one of my favorite actors was in it and usually I find a new interesting TV series or film to add to my favorites list. I can't wait to see Jane Eyre! I wasn't able to see it in cinemas but my dad pre-ordered the DVD for my birthday and I'm looking forward to when it arrives some time next week! I'll have to look out for Harry, I can't recall if I've ever seen him in anything before...I checked, I've only seen him in David Copperfield (1999) as Young Steerforth and in one Inspector Lewis episode. There are many young actors I look forward to seeing in this new Jane Eyre!

Charity U said...

Oh yes, I'm sure I have...can't think of any at the moment, though. So do movies come to Australian theaters always later than the USA ones? I think I saw that Jane Eyre comes on DVD on the 16th here. Interesting.

Well, i'm glad you liked it. :) Hopefully I'll be able to see it soon!

Elizabeth said...

Harry Lloyd is in Jane Eyre 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did I not know this?!?!?! I have wanted to see this for a while, but now i know Harry is in it!!!!!! Oh I am most definitely going to see it now! :)

I probably have watched something because of an actor. I want to see Captain America because Richard Armitage is in it. :)

Mel said...

Miss Laurie:
I am glad I am not the only one, I often look up actors on IMDb and look at their film credits and find movies and TV series that way, I thought maybe that was a little odd so I am glad :)
That's wonderful that your Dad pre-ordered the DVD for you- what a lovely birthday gift! I really hope that you enjoyed it, and I can't wait to hear what you think about it!

Charity: I know! How crazy is it! Firstly they told us that Jane Eyre would be comming out here on May 23rd but they kept postponing it. I don't think all of the movies come to Australian theatres so late, but in general we have to wait a little while longer than you guys in the USA :(

And in general a lot of the BBC films or period movies don't even come on our screens or only come to a theatre for one day (like 'Bright Star') or only come to special theatres in the city (like 'The Young Victoria')

Elizabeth: YES! Harry is in it!!! I knew you would understand this post (and my love for Harry)!! His role is so small- But its Will...I mean Harry hehehe. I am almost tempted to go and watch it again- purely to see him again :) Thank goodness I have my Robin Hood DVD's to re-watch so that it doesn't get to that stage haha

I was actually thinking of you when I saw the Captain America trailer- because I know how much that you like Richard Armitage! I hope that you get the chance to see it.

Melody said...

I've watched a couple things because of an actor/actress, but mainly I'm just surprised to spot the ones I know when I see a new thing!