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Robin Hood BBC: The Costumes of Lady Marian Series 1 Part 3

Here is the 3rd part of the costumes of Lady Marian from Series One. This part includes some of my favourites. I hope you enjoy it!

Episode Seven- Brothers in arms

Costume #14- I love this costume despite it looking a little too modern for the time period, I just love the colour and the hood. I supose this is one of the costumes that I believe the scene in the series makes the costume seem even better. I just love how she comes riding on her horse through the forest, the costume such a bright contrast to the green around her. Plus I love the little 'arguement' Marian and Robin have in this scene.

The above costume is the only new addition to Marian's wardrobe in this episode however we do see her wearing the grey army style dress and the Nightwatchman outfit (Costume's #7 and #8, see Part 1) and the *coughs* ugly nightgown (Costume #11, see Part 2).

Episode Eight- Tattoo? What Tattoo?

Costume #15-  It is very unfortunate that it was very hard to get some good screencaps of the entire dress because I love this dress, It is so beautiful! I think it suits the period and the story so well...It's just what I would imagine Lady Marian to wear. Of all Marian's dresses in Series One I believe this one is my second favourite. I can't tell you my first because it doesn't appear until much later in the series (If your a fan of the series you will have probably guessed which one by that comment). Anyway what I love about this dress is the style, the sleeves are beautiful and so long, and the beads around the top of the dress and the belt - they are just gorgeous. I really love the colour too, I prefer this deep red colour to the usual orange/peach colours Marian seems to wear.
The only other costume we see Marian wearing in this episode is the beautiful peach/orange hooded outfit (Costume #14, see above)
Episode Nine, Ten, Eleven & Twelve

During Episode Nine Marian does not wear a single costume that we have not seen in a previous episode. She is seen wearing Costume #9 (see Part 2), the Nightwatchman outfit (Costume #8) and one of her orange coloured dresses (Costume #4, see Part 1 )

Again we do not see any new costumes during Episode Ten, we see Marian wear the peach/orange hooded outfit again (Costume #14, see above) the same orange coloured dresses she wore in Episode 9 (Costume #4, see Part 1.

In Episode Eleven she is only seen wearing two different costumes; Costume #4 & #6 (see Part 1).

Episode Twelve see's Marian dressed in Costume #8, the Nightwatchman outfit (also see Part 1) and Costume #14 (see Part 3)
I hope you are enjoying these posts :)

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ps. I apologise if you liked the nightgown

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