Wednesday, 27 July 2011

My ever growing library

Lately I have added quite significantly to my ever growing book collection. I just can't seem to help myself when I see cheap secondhand books! However it is almost always the same problem- which ones to buy and which to put back (and hopefully come back for at a later stage when the bank balance says so!). Choosing between them is like deciding which puppy is the cutest at the pet shop- it's impossible! But I did it, as hard as it was and I am very pleased with my new "friends". So just as I usually do, I've decided to share with you the ones I chose. And hopefully review in the future :)

Jane Austen
Of course the first ones I decided upon were the Austen's. As you may already know I have a growing collection of Jane Austen titles, ones with different covers, publishers, editions and so on. My goal of 100 by 2012 is looking a little dim but with the addition of five more I do believe I am slowly getting there.

I was able to get my hands on two more copies of Pride and Prejudice,  two more copies of Sense and Sensibility and another copy of Emma (which is the film tie in with the Miramax film starring Gwyneth Paltrow and it even has some beautiful stills from the movie inside!!! Even though this film version isn't my favourite I am still very happy with it).
And have a look at the Vintage Austen's (the two in the bottom half of the picture)- aren't they gorgeous!

Charles Dickens
As I wrote in a post a short while ago (here), it will be the bicentenary of Charles Dickens birth next year. This anniversary has inspired me to set myself a goal. To read at least 10 Dickens novels in 2012. Because I had already read Great Expectations and Oliver Twist I believed that I would have several copies of Dickens in one of my bookshelves- but can you believe it, I had not one Dickens novel!!! How terrible, I must have borrowed them from the local library (that evil place *laughs*). So obviously I was on the lookout for some of his novels, and I am happy to report I now own two: Great Expectations and Hard Times.

Charlotte Brontë
 There are a few other novels, apart from the Austen ones, that I collect more than one copy of. In every case it is a novel which is considered a classic. These being Little Woman,  Black Beauty, a few of Hardy's work and most recently I have also decide to collect versions of Great Expectations. However one book I have been collecting since around the time I started my Austen collection. Is Jane Eyre, so I also bought this one to add to it.

These last two I bought simply because I couldn't resist. I have been looking everywhere for a copy of Alison Weir's Innocent Traitor that I almost screamed for joy when I came across it. Due to my recent admiration for Lady Jane Grey it was almost the best find of the day (second to the Austen finds).

William Wordsworth- The Poems Volume One, had me at literally snatching it off the shelf. Why someone else had not bought this book still amazes me.

...and last but not least my Ma brought me home this insightful and rather humorous study book- Jane Austen's Novels: A study in Structure by Andrew H. Wright. I have only read a few portions and I am already enjoying it so much!

What I love the most about these old secondhand books are the notes inside, many of them have little inscriptions from the previous owners or lovely dedications in the front. I always feel it gives my books an identity and a history and I often like to think about the Sally's or Emma's before me that owned these wonderful books (strange I know). In front of one of the  Austen copies was a beautiful dedication to a Miss H. with love from Jordan who was wishing her good luck in the future. I just love inscriptions like that!

Love Mel xx

PS. My Austen Collection now stand at 44!


OldFashionedCharm said...

How lovely! I've been adding to me classics bookshelf too. I simply love the covers of the bottom two volumes of S&S and P&P! I've recently decided I need some Dickens in my collection as well and bought a used copy of A Tale of Two Cities. I haven't read it yet and I don't really know the story so I'm looking forward to it. That's a lovely movie tie in volume of Jane Eyre! And wow! William Wordsworth poems! What a lovely find!

There's a bookstore chain in the USA that's going out of business and when I was browsing through my local shop's section of discounted Jane Austen volumes I was thinking of you. Wish I had the money to send you a bunch, some of them were so pretty! Money is short for me too, clothes and books are my two weaknesses! :)

~Miss Laurie

Elizabeth said...

Oh lovely!!! :) I love books! Some of my favorites I see here! :)

Mel said...

Miss Laurie:

That is so very kind of you to have thought of me when you saw the Jane Austen volumes!Books and clothes are my weakness too- along with period drama dvds!

I haven't read A Tale of Two Cities either. I would love to hear what you think of it when you get around to reading it :)


I'm not sure if you remember, it was a little while back, you told me about the book "Innocent Traitor" I have ben looking for it ever since- and have finally found it. Thanks for telling me about it!